Can I take it into the event?


Can I bring them?
No, but of course guide dogs are allowed


Can I bring in a small trolley or umbrella?

No- if you bring these to the gate you will not be allowed to take them in, and items will be disposed of

Can I bring in a collapsible chair/blanket?

Yes. From 11:30-17:00 these items can be set up anywhere. From 17:00 onwards you will be asked to move them back to keep the area in front of the main stage clear

Can I bring in food?

Yes, but only small unopened snacks

Can I bring in soft drinks & water?
Soft drinks cannot be brought in but we do allow small, unopened plastic bottles of water

What are the gate times?

Gates open at 11.30am and the first act is on the main stage at midday

The festival closes at 10.30pm

You must have a valid e-ticket either on your phone or printed out. Your purchase of a ticket and admission to the event signify your acceptance of the terms and conditions on the ticket and on the event web site.

How late can I arrive?
Last entry at 9pm

Can I leave and return?
Yes, at the moment last entry to the festival will be 9pm


We will have contactless payment across the majority of the site, and this will be encouraged

There may be a small number of traders where only cash is accepted

Please ensure that you have sufficient cash and contactless available


Do I need I.D for my 16 or under? 
Yes, if your child looks older than 16 but has a 16 & under ticket you will need to provide a valid I.D

What constitutes a valid I.D?
We accept as I.D: Passports, Driving Licences, Young Scot Cards, Citizen Cards or any other photo I.D with a PASS logo

Can I bring my buggy into the Festival?


Can I bring in baby food, baby milk to the Festival?


What do I do if I lose my Child at the festival?
Make contact with the nearest steward and/or welfare team

Is there a lower age limit on children attending the festival?

Do I need a Ticket for a babe in arms or toddler?
Yes you need a 5 and under ticket which are free but if you don’t have one, we’re not going to send you away

Can I bring my children during the day and have them collected by a friend/family member in the evening?

Yes, last entry to the festival will be 9pm


Is there disabled parking?
There is no festival parking, please use city centre parking

Are all areas of the festival accessible by wheelchair?
Yes, and there is a disabled viewing area in front of the main stage; however please bear in mind this is an outdoor event and conditions could become muddy and slippery

Are there disabled toilets?

Yes there will be disabled toilets on site


Can I fly a drone at the event?
No unauthorised drones will be allowed to be flown anywhere over the festival as they pose a hazard. Any unauthorised flights will be reported to Police Scotland


Are legal highs allowed?
No drugs or New Psychoactive Substances previously known as ‘legal highs’ other than prescription drugs are allowed at the festival. Drug enforcement laws are as applicable on site as anywhere else in the country. Police officers will be on site and will deal with drug offences in accordance with national guidelines. If you engage in the unlawful supply of drugs, it is likely that you will be arrested. Neither anti-social nor illegal behaviour will be tolerated and participants will leave themselves liable to eviction from the site


Is it allowed anywhere on site?
No glass is allowed anywhere on the festival site. Your bags will be searched on entry and any found will be disposed of

Are medicines in glass allowed?


How do I get my lost property back during the event/ where do I hand in lost property?
Please make your way to welfare and they will be able to help you

How do I get my lost property back after the event?
All unclaimed lost property will be retained by Police Scotland in Inverness. Contact them by phone on 101 or 0845 600 5703 or in person at the reception area of Burnett Road police station, Inverness


Can I get details of stages and times for bands?
Times will be posted on social media on the run up to the festival

What time does the music start?
Music starts at midday

What time does the music end?
Music ends at 10.30pm


Can I park at the festival?

No- please use city centre parking


What am I not allowed to bring to the festival?
Alcohol, glass, food, Chinese lanterns, flares, fireworks, drugs, nitrous oxide, drones, weapons and dangerous objects


Will strobe lighting be used?
Yes, please be aware strobe lighting will be used during some of the music sets


Is there mobile coverage?
As we are in the city centre there is good network coverage. However, during the event signal may become slow due to overloading

Do you have mobile phone charging facilities?


Can an under 18 with an Adult ticket enter the festival alone?
No, in order to enter the festival under 18s must be accompanied by someone 21 or over

As an Adult how many under 18s can I accompany to the festival?
There is a limit of 2 under 18’s per accompanying over 21’s

What constitutes a valid I.D?
We accept as I.D: Passports, Driving Licences, Young Scot Cards, Citizen Cards or any other photo I.D with a PASS logo


My unwanted e-ticket – how do I transfer it to someone?
If you would like to change the name on your order then please head to www.skiddle.com/orders/ to change your details free of charge instantly. Alternatively please call Skiddle on 03333 010101 during office opening hours. (Mon – Fri  0900 – 1800; Sat 1000 – 1700)

My e-ticket doesn’t have my name on it – does it matter?
If the e-ticket was bought for you as part of a multiple order by one person, try to arrive with that person or have their telephone contact details with you in case there are problems with scanning your ticket at the gate. It could mean you don’t get into the festival if the ticket won’t scan at the gate and your ID doesn’t tally with the name on the ticket. If you have acquired the ticket from someone else, see above

I’ve printed my e-ticket but the colour is odd?
Don’t worry – so long as it can scan you will be fine

My child’s 5 & Under ticket doesn’t have their name on it; does it matter?
I have another question about my Skiddle tickets?
Please head to www.skiddle.com/help where the answers to all FAQs are available, as well as access to Skiddle’s Customer Care phone line and live online chat